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Aramesh-e-Tehran multi-disciplinary pain clinic is a specialized center for migraine treatment, in which the herbal medication of MigriHealR (submission number: IRC:1228143083) has been used since 2009. The MigriHealR, claiming to be the only migraine treatment medication in the world, is the yield of a constant 25-year research, innovation and development by the pharmaceutical scientists and researchers utilizing interdisciplinary approaches including Iranian traditional medicine and modern medicine.

During 2009-2015, over 1,600 migraine patients referred to the clinic, about 81% of whom have been cured despite the modern medicine regarding migraine as a non-curable disorder. Over the next years, our clinic plans not only to welcome patients and visitors from around Iran but also international patients including neighbor countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), and European countries (Greece, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, etc.). Our ambition is to assist migraine patients to relieve their severe, long- lasting pain (across global).

Most activities of Aramesh-e-Tehran clinic have concentrated on both theoretical and operative aspects of migraine. Therefore, the clinic is offering wealth of expertise, as migraine counselors, who follow up patients’ treatment and suggest ways in which patients can manage their condition or make a referral to a specialist. Moreover, during these years, we have gathered invaluable data on patients’ conditions, leading us to the fact that the mental state, along with the physical, should be taken into consideration while dealing with patients. Accordingly, a comprehensive plan covering Iranian medicine (to regulate digestive system), Nutrition counseling, Psychology counseling, Chiropractic (to treat mechanical disorders of musculoskeletal system), and a lifestyle package has been devised since 2015. In addition, Aramesh-e-Tehran multi-disciplinary pain clinic is offering its services to those who are seeking for a science based, coherent and practical lifestyle package.

The Aramesh-e-Tehran multi-disciplinary pain clinic by using the integration of Iranian traditional medicine and modern medicine approaches, has achieved a high success rate in irreversible migraine treatment. This center offers its services on migraine patients’ treatment and resorting their quality of life, and others who are interested in healthy lifestyle. We assert that we make our most significant contribution in health, prevention and treatment.

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Our Services:

Migraine, Ergonomics, Traditional Iranian Medicine, Neurology, Nutritional Counselling and Massage.

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Migraine treatments of Tehran Araamesh Clinic are supported by Many Insurances.

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Our Services:

Migraine, Ergonomics, Traditional Iranian Medicine, Neurology, Nutritional Counselling and Massage.

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